Managed IT Services

By using us to manage your IT, we are providing your company with a complete department to take responsibility for your technology – managing the IT architecture (servers and network), onsite and remote support, liaising with Vendors, Voip management, mail, assisting with technical projects and more.

Having stable and well-designed technology is critical for your business and without it few companies can operate effectively. Hence our goal is to bring stability to your IT setup so that the company can focus on its core products and services.

We can also assist you with future business expansion plans – and assist you in preparing for this expansion as you may not have the time or budget to invest in developing your technology services in house. We will enable you to get your technology up and running much quicker, with reduced operating costs and with access to experienced and knowledgeable technology experts.

Our services are provided via SLA contracts linked to our proactive and responsive team.

What is the cost of SLA contracts?

The price of contracts will vary according to the size of your company and the complexity of the technology infrastructure. Based on an onsite assessment of what the current IT set up is and what would be required to stabilise and/or modernise it will determine the monthly cost.

How long do SLA contracts last?

The initial contract is for a year and there after it reverts to monthly.
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