Advanced Network Infrastructure Services

In our experience many IT organisations often treat the company network and network related technology as an “inconvenient necessity” and very little time and attention is often given to how the network is designed or deployed with a company.

It is not uncommon to find company’s having un-configured switches deployed in chaotic spaghetti like configurations which is poor networking practice.

However well-designed network architecture is crucial for the overall welfare of the company’s IT systems as it forms the backbone on which these systems run. So a poorly designed network will impact efficiency and the functionality of the company’s operations irrespective of how good the rest of the IT systems may be – “a switch is not just a switch, there can be a lot going on under the ‘hood’ ”.

Precision Technology has strong network understanding and capabilities, with expertise coming from a networking design background – The founder was a R&D Design Engineer at 3Com (back in the day). A well-designed network setup increases systems uptime, optimizes scalability and maximizes return on investment while decreasing your technology footprint and minimizing costs to the business. We typically design L3/L2 advanced complex networks that will meet all your business needs including for performance, incorporating voip solutions etc.

Our typical networks deployments will often include:

  • Core Switches (Usually Cisco with Layer 3/2 management)
  • Access Switches (Cisco or Netgear brand preferences)
  • Logical network segmentation with Vlans and Lags
  • QOS deployment for Bandwidth control especially crucial for Voip solutions
  • Security control for internet security using an advanced firewall solution
  • Voip solutions (often working with ISPs)
  • Fibre and other ISP connections
  • Wifi (Ruckus, Ubiquiti preferably)

While there are a multiple of network products brands out there and we can supply you with these on request, our preferences for deployment is using Cisco products for larger more advanced networks and Netgear with smaller ones. Our advanced firewall brand preferences are with the Sophus Cyberoams or Cisco ASAs.

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