IT Auditing Service

An IT Audit is closely related to our IT Consultancy service but focuses on ensuring IT controls and processes are working properly as well as establishing what hardware and software resources are currently owned by a company.

It differs from a “typical audits” such as financial audits in that the purpose is to evaluate the company’s IT system's design and effectiveness.

The primary objectives of an audit would include:

  • Establish the company’s ownership of hardware and software assets. Will the company’s IT systems be available at times when required?
  • Assess what systems and procedures are in place for security of company data. Will the company’s Intellectual Property and data held by the systems be available only to authorized users?
  • Check that the information provided by the IT systems is accurate, reliable, and timely. (measures the integrity)
  • Establish risks to a company's assets and help identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Ensure IT management processes are in compliance with company policies and standards.
  • Determine any inefficiencies with IT systems and their associated management.

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