Our Services


We offer professional strategic advice and assistance for companies looking to acquire the right IT technology for their business operations and strategy.

We can assist you when considering advanced networks, servers and cloud solutions or investigating the introduction of Voip communications. Our advice is independent, so talk to us and we will assist your company in making the right technological decisions.

System Audits

Need an independent opinion on assessing whether your company’s IT technology is working as efficiently as it should?

Or perhaps your technology is not working as it should and you need advice?

Give us a call and we can do a full audit of your technological setup.

Server and Cloud Solutions

We offer a full bouquet of advanced server solutions including virtualisation, high availability and cluster configurations that will bring your company’s IT functionality to a level aligned with your strategy and operations.

As required solutions continue to evolve to meet business requirements along with recent advances in cloud computing, virtualization, network storage, and data management, so does our expertise to meet the challenges posed by these technological evolutions.

Advanced Network Solutions

A well-designed network setup increases systems uptime, optimizes scalability and maximizes return on investment while decreasing your technology footprint and minimizing costs to the business.

We typically design L3/L2 advanced complex networks that will meet all your business needs including for performance, incorporating voip solutions etc.


Do you need professional cable management solutions for your data centre? Or do you have trouble tracing cables from one location to another or have cables running in all directions causing congest pathways, blocking airflow and creating a huge mess?

If so, call us now for all your cabling needs.

Equipment and Software

We work alongside many satisfied customers in secure, stable and reliable IT environments and offer a “One stop shop” for all IT hardware and software equipment at competitive prices.

So if you are looking for laptops, desktops, LCDs, printers, and/or any other IT equipment at competitive prices, please give us a call and let's see how we can help you.