Frequently Asked Questions

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions or would like some specific advice.

Where do I start?
The easiest way is to get in touch. Friendly advice is free!
How do I know whether an IT Consultancy Service is something I need or should consider for my company?
If you are unsure of whether your current IT setup is meeting your business needs, or want to plan for the future or your existing IT setup is not working satisfactorily right now, then you and your company would certainly benefit from some outside professional advice.
We schedule a visit to meet you onsite so we can discuss your current setup as well as give us the opportunity to formulate and opinion on existing infrastructure. Depending on the discussion and requirements and what we observe, we would formulate a report with recommendations for you to consider.
We have many companies where we manage the IT setup and are happy for you to contact some or any of these for a reference so as to gauge for yourself the capabilities of our team and whether we would meet your expectations.
If you wish to establish what IT assets you have or need advice on how well your existing IT is performing, then you and your company would certainly benefit from some outside professional advice.
We work with several ISPs and external Voip vendors to implement their solutions on your network. Which solution is deployed will depend on the voice requirements of the company and which solutions fits your needs best. Our role would be to prepare your network to handle the voice traffic for the vendor.
It is preferable to use managed wifi networks when it comes to deployment and in this regards we use Ruckus solutions for a more advanced high end networks and Ubiquiti devices as a cheaper yet effective and reliable solutions for smaller deployments. Which you decide to use would depend on your budget and which solution best fits your company’s needs. Of course we do offer other APs from other brands such as Cisco, Netgear etc if there is a specific model you are looking to procure.
For companies that operate 24 hour operations and where downtime is to be avoided this solution is for you. The cost is more as you need a minimum of 4 server hardware platforms to deploy this as an effective solution. However there are many advantages including being less prone to downtime (high availability), very high server performance and a robust backup solution.
Each scenarios must be considered on its own merit but it is very possible to build and migrate legacy server data and applications onto newer server hardware.
Virtualising your server minimises the risk of losing a server due to hardware failure, virus attacks. It saves costs as you can install multiple Virtual Machines (servers) onto the same hardware. Backup solutions are also a lot easier to manage and are more robust than bare metal solutions.
The price of contracts will vary according to the size of your company and the complexity of the technology infrastructure. Based on an onsite assessment of what the current IT set up is and what would be required to stabilise and/or modernise it will determine the monthly cost.
The initial contract is for a year and there after it reverts to monthly.