Server and Cloud Solutions

We offer both cloud hosting and dedicated server solutions. There are advantages and disadvantages of using either with the choice dependent on company and/or application needs of the company as well as time and budgetary constraints.

This is a choice that needs to be made by each company based on the business needs and risk profile. Selecting a server solution should be based on the following considerations: Advantages of each solution; Current needs of the company; budgetary constraints of the company; Future scalability requirements of the solution.

The advantage of dedicated servers is they can be upgraded more readily as a once-off cost. Capabilities and capacity of the server can be increased by adding more memory, changing the network capabilities (for example introducing a 10 Gbps backbone) increasing disk storage capacity etc.

Cloud servers usually have a lower entry cost than dedicated servers but lose this advantage as a company requirement scales upwards and requires more resources. Cloud servers are typically billed on a monthly basis.

Cloud Solutions we offer including hosting a company owned server hardware at a Data Centre or using 3rd party server solutions as with Microsoft’s Azure. An example could be for example hosting and keeping your company mail on Microsoft’s 365 servers.

For those who require onsite servers or where it is not practical to have servers hosted in the cloud, we design and customise a suitable onsite server for the company’s needs. Our virtualisation hypervisor of preference is Proxmox and we have deployed many solutions throughout the years using this platform.

For companies requiring most robust solutions, we deploy Nutanix High Availability, Cluster server solutions using 3 or more servers in a cluster working together with a Data Recovery Server hosted the cloud or onsite at a suitable location.

Typical server Virtual Machines we design and work with and which you could consider is: Microsoft Server 2008 R2, Server 20012, Server 2016, SQL, Terminal, Exchange, Linux platforms hosting solutions such as Sage, Terminal, CRM etc.

Our preference for hardware includes using HP, Dell and Super Micro platforms. Our aim is always to be competitive and provide value for money.

How do I know whether a Nutanix solution would be useful for my company as opposed to using a Hypervisor such as Proxmox?

For companies that operate 24 hour operations and where downtime is to be avoided this solution is for you. The cost is more as you need a minimum of 4 server hardware platforms to deploy this as an effective solution. However there are many advantages including being less prone to downtime (high availability), very high server performance and a robust backup solution.

Can I upgrade a current dated server solution to a virtualisation platform?

Each scenarios must be considered on its own merit but it is very possible to build and migrate legacy server data and applications onto newer server hardware.

My servers are not virtualised and are running on “bare - metal”. Should I consider moving over to virtualisation platforms?

Virtualising your server minimises the risk of losing a server due to hardware failure or virus attacks.

It saves costs as you can install multiple Virtual Machines (servers) onto the same hardware. Backup solutions are also a lot easier to manage and are more robust than bare metal solutions.

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