Case Study - Design and Installation - PolyOne

PolyOne is a company that provides companies with specialized polymer materials, services and solutions.

They are a premier provider of specialty polymer formulations, colour and additive systems, packaging solutions, and polymer distribution.

Colormatrix (the original company name before it was bought by Polyone) had decided to open up a new branch in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company had high standards and procedures relating to IT and were uncertain whether a local African company would be able to deliver against their criteria.

The Challenge

Although a suitable company office location had been found, the IT Management team faced the challenge of kitting out this office with a suitable IT infrastructure and requirements using local vendors.

During the initial stages of the project, they had been talking to a “large ISP” about cabling the office, sourcing of hardware equipment but were finding the process rather bureaucratic and slow.

We were asked to propose a solution to source hardware and software and setting up the office. The requirements were to have all the cabling installed throughout the office, assist with managing the ISP connection installation, source cabinet, network, server and staff equipment.

The challenge was to have this ready by the time the office opened, which gave 2 approximately 2 months for everything to be sourced and installed. We were hired because we met their three key criteria of efficiency, professionalism and provision of a world class IT solution.

The Solution

Precision Technology through discussions with the client via phone and email established a full specification of what was required and put together a project plan for implementation.

The initial pressing issue was getting the cabling sorted and in this regard we went onsite and planned the cabling installation to all designated locations throughout the office.

We were also involved in souring the cabinet and Cisco networking equipment as well as an IBM chassis server. This was all sourced and installed into the offices’ IT room roughly two weeks before the office opened for business. The CTO and his IT team arrived in country and everything was ready for the final network and server configurations.

Precision Technology worked with him and his technicians to configure the switches and servers.

We also assisted him with finding and sourcing other required equipment as and when needed. He was very thankful to have a local resource available in country that could assist with knowing where to source equipment.

Business Benefits

The project was successfully completed within budget and timescale and to the complete satisfaction of our client

We continued to provide support and management both locally in Cape Town and to UK and US offices to ensure systems remained optimised.