What to do when IT goes wrong


As inevitably happens with most IT systems, at some point something will go wrong, stop working or need some TLC.

However before calling IT support there is a few things to try before calling for help.

  • Check that the relevant device has power (e.g. printers, wireless access points etc.).
  • If power looks ok, carefully check all cable connections. Perhaps one has come loose.
  • With printers issues, check that there is paper, toner and whether there is any messages being displayed on the "info window".
  • Reboot the relevant PC/Mac/Laptop or power off and on printers, wireless access points (other devices) having issues. Most of the times this should solve minor IT issues that crop up especially if a device has been powered up for a while. It’s always good practice to reboot PCs/Macs every few days. And in most cases a simple reboot will sort or clear your problem.
  • If you are getting strange behaviour on your machine then run a full anti-virus/anti-malware scan to ensure you don’t have a virus or malware on your machine.

But if none of the above helps, then:

  • Identify anything that may have changed or happened prior to the problem occurring, e.g. strange messages on a Mac/laptop/PC, power outages etc
  • Gather as much information as you can about the problem in order to help us diagnose and resolve the issue asap.
  • Contact your IT support personnel as per their prescribed procedure.